Proven uses for Harris Dryboots include:

  • Subterranean Sports - Caving and potholing
  • Landwork - Farming, fieldwork, archaeology, surveying
  • Landscaping - Garden construction and landscaping
  • Gardening - Gardening and greenhouse work, landscaping and heavy winter digging
  • Walking - Year round waterproof walking boots for dog walking, rambling, moorland, hill and mountain terrain
  • Metal Detecting - All terrain, all weather protection
  • Country Pursuits - Gamekeeping, fishing, shooting, birdwatching
  • Outdoor Activities - Orienteering, cadet training, outdoor education centres
  • Sports & Leisure - 'Sideline' spectator sports, music festivals, rugby and football matches .. and lots more!
  • Municipal & Environmental work - Council land maintenance, environment agencies, road screeding....

'Harris' Dry Boot

Harris Dry Boot

The original all purpose, all terrain waterproof boot.

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Price: £ 69.99 Size:   

'Viking' Dry Boot

Viking Dry Boot

Limited stocks remaining

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Price: £ 59.25 Size:   

Dryboot Comfort Core Insoles

Dryboot Comfort Core Insoles

Super lightweight, breathable, waterproof insoles

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Price: £ 4.99 Size:   

Hikies Brown Boot Laces

Hikies Brown Boot Laces

Lightweight boot laces

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Price: £ 3.75 Size:   

Socksation Comfort Hike Socks

Mens hike socks

Pack of three

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Price: £ 3.95 Size:   

Ladies Brushed Thermal Socks

Ladies socks

Pack of three

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Price: £ 4.45 Size:   

I am greedy and use two pairs

"I am greedy and use two pairs, a size 42 for summer wear with thin socks, and a size 43 for winter wearing thick socks. Just the job for all outdoor activities. Used them for almost 20 years now. Again, well done." - P. Slimon

I heartily thank you!

"The boots are all I expected them to be. Fitting well, with plenty of room, comfortable and hopefully durable enough for the tough wear I intend to use them for. I spend many an hour tromping across muddy fields in all weathers with a metal detector and spade, in search for ancient artifacts. I heartily thank you!" - C. Hale

Quick service and a good functional boot

"Quick service and a good functional boot as well. Size generous so I fitted a pair of insoles which improved fit and added a modern cushioned feel to the boot. I am pleased with them." - C. McPherson