This is my second pair of Harris boots...what would I do without them!! I spend at least three hours every day in walking and working in the fields and I love them. I am buying a new pair only because I have worn them so much that the soles and the grip have worn down.  Thanks again

R. Ford


: Just ordered another pair of boots. My previous lot of boots that I bought in April this year has lasted me till now and there's still life left in both soles and heels. I walk a lot with my dog in the countryside and I average about seven to eight miles a day, every day whatever the weather. Over the past six months I have covered between 1300 and 1400 miles. Yes your boots are great boots and I will continue to buy them from year to year. Ending on a humourous note, would The Harris Dry Boot Company consider producing similar boots for dogs who like lots of exercise too?

A. Welwig


Paul rendell review

Dartmoor News     Oct/Nov 2023

'Since 2016 I have walked nearly 7000 miles, most of it on Dartmoor in these boots.  I have climbed many tors, walked through many bogs, crossed slippery rocks like slate, forded streams, trudged through wet fields and walked down country lanes and along coast paths and never had a problem.  I am confident that wherever I go in these boots my feet will be dry so long as I do not go deeper than the top of the boot.   I have also worn them during conservation work, including repairing fences, putting in fence posts, clearing footpaths, cutting steps etc. and they are always up to the job.'

Dartmoor News

Paul Rendell - Editor

To obtain a copy of the Dartmoor News, packed with news, walks, history, wildlife and book reviews  go to


I love mine (Dryboots). They are a game changer for working in the wet. Not only are my feet dry when I take them off, but i never need a second pair of wet weather boots as these aren’t sodden and you don’t have to let them dry before wearing again.

Frances John


I love these boots! I often get asked about them when I wear them so thought I’d share some info here in case you’re interested.
As a Dartmoor Guide, I’ve settled on three different types of boots that I use on different days throughout the year:
*Standard hiking boots
*Lightweight hiking shoes for warm weather and gentle terrain
*And these #harrisdryboots They’re brilliant for walking in the rain like today, through wet or boggy ground, and in the winter as they’re also lined. My feet stay completely dry, yay!
I was inspired to buy a pair by my uncle a few years ago who said that his father (my grandfather) used to wear them walking in the winters up here. Harris DryBoots are made of rubber but, different to wellies, have great ankle support and grips just like standard hiking boots. I know not everyone can afford 3 different pairs of shoes/boots but this is my job and I’m in one of these different types of shoes/boots pretty much everyday as I am lucky enough to walk through this extraordinary and rugged landscape.

Dartmoors Daughter

Dartmoor's Daughter (Dartmoor Guide)

Dartmoor’s Daughter creates walks and immersive, nature-connection experiences to improve physical health and emotional wellbeing, and to inspire greater care for our natural world.   For more information go to:


These are amazing.  I walk over 100 miles a week and they have lasted 19 months.

C. Hargan


Boots safely delivered yesterday morning and tested today; excellent fit, very comfortable and approved by the Staffie I walk daily for my neighbour Graham. Congratulations on keeping this amazing boot alive - long may you continue!

P. Kendall


"Indestructible boots

SIR – Never mind the fancy fashion brands mentioned in your article, “The reinvention of the waterproof boot” (Features, January 18). Nothing beats the humble old Harris boot.

Mine have got soaked and muddy at least once a day throughout winter for years. They remain as presentable, comfortable and serviceable as ever. They also protect against the spade while digging in the garden.

S. Frankish
Woodford Green, Essex"

Daily Telegraph Letters Page


I received my boots today and I must say that I am really happy with them. I was so concerned that I would have a problem with size (US vs UK) but there was no issue with the fit.    Thanks for all of your help.

A J Matas (US customer)


My last (differently branded) lace up rubber boots gave me plantar fasciitis and perished then fell to pieces within 24 months. I bought these Harris boots because of 1) Customer feedback that orthotic insoles comfortably fit and 2) the steel shank in the sole. They totally match up to expectations. Excellent product.


Stephen Frankish


Message: Newly married to an Aussie , I migrated to Australia with a gift from my best friend , a pair of your boots , so I would remember her in my new life .
They've been with me through the snow of the Blue Mountains , a rough divorce , the desert heat of Uluru , a bit of a mid-life 'crisis' after the loss of my mother , and two good girlfriends to cancer, the sub-tropical area of Byron Bay....and countless miles of stress relieving bushwalking, a reminder of my best friend , the boots somehow kept me walking, through it all.
23 years old now , one boot has finally developed a split. which I can no longer ignore. Time to buy a new pair, as Rebecca is still my best friend , I'm sure she won't mind - they did their job !
I'm really hoping you ship to Australia.


Lisa Bingham


I got to christen my new boots on a beautiful autumn morning here in France.   My morning walk is around 45 mins. My new boots were comfy right from the start. With the added bonus they keep my feet dry on these dewey mornings.  Pictures attached.   Thanks again….

Dryboot Review


Steve Bennett


My first pair of Viking boots just developed a leak.  I bought them from an ad in something like New Musical Express in 1980!

Peter Grimshaw


And I'm happy to tell you how pleased I am with my new Harris Dryboots, which will doubtless prove as reliable as the old Viking boots which they replace - I've had five pairs of Vikings over the last couple of decades, absolutely depending upon them in wet weather or in wet grass to keep my feet dry, and I look forward to putting your new Harris boots to good use immediately.

My outdoor companions will be admiring my new footwear, so I'll be pointing them in your direction!

S. Hodgson


I do gardening as part of my job and have my own poli tunnel and my foot wear has to be fit for purpose...
thess boots are amazingly comfortable, waterproof, hard wearing, great grip on sole and warm when needed... which is a lot of the time living in cold place north Scotland...
I’m nearly 60 year old lady, I want comfort as I’m in my boots a lot of hours, waterproof for all the wet weather and watering of plans too, but they need to do the job too and not be to heavy, as a lot of boots are!!!
It is very hard purchasing on line, as you really don’t know if the item is as good as the information given about it says!!!!
So it’s a risky task trying to find the right thing.
But these are above and beyond expectations and anyone purchasing has hit the jackpot...
fantastic boots.   Thank you

C. Soames


Thank you for your quick response. I was very impressed when I researched your company before purchasing my Dryboots and your service has proved this to be true. As stated in my previous e-mail, I would recommend your Dryboot  Company to family and friends.

J. Adkins


I am waiting for the next order of size 5’s but wanted to add a review. I have lived in Devon for 43 years & during this time I have had only 2 pairs of the Viking dry boot & can’t speak highly enough of their durability, comfort & value for money so can’t wait until I am notified of my back order.I am keen to receive them as my previous pair are finally leaking after many years of daily winter use walking my dog on Dartmoor

 B. Heath



Pig in boots

 Over the years of walking my dogs, I have tried every make, model and type of hiking boot.

Diary:  SORE FEET WILL HAVE TO BREAK THEM IN.  There must be a pair of boots out there that you can wear without getting sore feet?

Seeing the advert for The Dryboot Boot, lets have a go. Marvellous - boots on for my walk. Return home, no sore feet KID GLOVES comes to mind.

Second pair JUST THE SAME KID GLOVES.  Comfy feet, happy walker.

Now to my third pair. Put the boots on and off we go and to NO SURPRISE..marvellous, fantastic, walk in puddles.  In mud just wipe with a damp cloth and the boots are clean.


S. F. Wooldridge


Would like to review the new masks you offer! This is is the most comfortable, friendly mask I have found (it's only downside maybe the tight wearing, Bank robber look,) but it's worth it as it is so comfortable, and causes very little fog when wearing glasses. In just a few days I have had many compliments. I highly recommend this product.

G. Yemm



I have had my boots for several years and absolutely love them! They are as good as the first day I wore them. Such good value and completely dry feet no matter what the weather. Thank you x

F. Glynn


My boots have arrived this afternoon for which many thanks.    Delighted with the service and the quality of the items themselves. I have been able to try the boots out this afternoon and they are easy to put on and really comfortable. Just what I wanted. Excellent!    Thank you very much indeed.

N. Davis


Picked up my boots earlier on and have been wearing them in the garden since! We’re very rural here and it’s often wet and muddy. They fit really well and are perfect replacement for leaky walking boots.

E. Wilson


Harris Dryboot at work

phillipmillsgardening:   Dry feet all day today thanks to Harris Dry Boots! @thedrybootcompany


I received my Harris boots in August and I wanted to write to say how pleased I am with them. I have spent the past few years wondering of I should buy them as I wasn't sure if they would support my dodgy ankle. They do! They are great around the stables, walking the.dogs and general maintenance jobs round my home including gardening.
Many thanks

F. Dean


By the way, the quality of the boots is incredible!

J. Moon


Alfred Wainwright said ‘There's no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.’

It rained so hard today that I was delighted to put on my Harris Waterproof Dryboots that I bought earlier this year fromThe Dryboot Company

Wellies are fine for short walks but don’t support your ankles well on rough terrain. And I’m not a fan of soggy feet in wet hiking boots that need drying out overnight. So, whilst it should have been obvious, it felt like a revelation last Christmas when my uncle mentioned that he’d bought the same kind of rubber boots that his father and my grandfather Eric Hemery, Dartmoor guide, lecturer and author had worn to walk the moor most winters and on rainy days. These brilliant boots are warm, waterproof, and have great ankle support. And they’re great for splashing through puddles!

If you’d like to gain skills and tips about how to walk safely and enjoyably with confidence in the hills whatever the weather, how about joining us for our Navigation Training for Beginners (or Refresher) morning on Saturday 14th November?
10% discount if you book with a friend or partner

Emma Cunis

Dartmoor's Daughter



I have just received and put on my new Harris Dryboots!   They are brilliant... beyond brilliant!! Thank you!

For frustratingly too long I have struggled to get the right, supportive footwear for my woodland dog walking; I like to hose my boots off and keep them on all day, in and out of the house.

It’s been more of a challenge because I have hypermobile ankles and knees, and hence I have to insert my recently acquired, specially moulded insoles to my walking footwear.   All other footwear was making my feet wet and potentially damaging my very expensive insoles. ( I know the boots will keep my feet dry because I borrowed my husbands size 44’s!!!)

I am size 7 feet, but as deliberately planned, the size 8 perfectly accommodate my special insoles plus the lovely wool blend boot socks purchased from you, with still a little room for comfort and “toe-wiggle”.  Your on-line size guide was key to deciding the correct size to choose.

I can’t tell you how happy I am!!! And, they are the comfiest boots I have ever put on!  I will appreciate them every time I put them on (everyday!) thank you again.

Your very speedy service was appreciatively noticed too.  May your supplies long continue!

My very best wishes,

G. Isherwood



I would just like to thank you, my wife bought me a pair of your boots for the garden as I had ruined my walking boots with digging. They are now in the bin.
I have been wearing work boots for most of my working life, as coal and gold miner, but I must say these are by far the best and most comfortable boots I have ever worn. It was like being in the garden with my slippers on, so again thank you.

T. Tesdale



Well what a difference, the new boots have just been delivered, I have tried them on and what an improvement they are now just so comfortable.  Thanks for your great positive customer service, I will be praising your company to all my fellow dog walkers with enthusiasm. Bring on the rain let’s test them thoroughly, so fed up with ‘waterproof’ boots that leak with just dew on the grass.

A. Coulson



Received my boots today just completed a 4 mile walk with my dog across muddy fields and highly delighted... warm dry feet! Boots were comfortable too, wish I’d discovered these years ago.

C. Belton


At last a pair of boots that keep my feet dry. Comfortable from the start and surprisingly warm, will definitely be buying another pair if these ever wear out.

T. Shepherd


'These boots are made for walking...' Well not today because of the wildness of Storm Eunice. But I loved wearing these rubber hiking boots yesterday on a soggy and boggy walk over the fen (or 'vane' as the farmers used to pronounce it). They're #harrisdryboots in case you're interested to invest in warm, dry feet over the winter (and I confess rainy spring and autumn days too!)
Dartmoor's Daughter Dryboots

'Dartmoor's Daughter' 



This is an attractive boot that is well made, soft and comfortable.  I used the boots for all the daily smallholding tasks, including feeding the animals, driving the tractor, planting vegetables and mucking out.  I also used them for a few days of hard, rough work, rotovating and stone clearing.  For a rubber boot they are very hard wearing.  After a wash with water they look like new again and are smart to wear off the smallholding.  I would recommend them as a great replacement for wellies.

Product Review by Andrew Rock for Country Smallholding Magazine


Very good service indeed! I phoned the supplier with a query (which isn't clear on the Amazon site but, it turns out, is explained on the Dryboot site) on a Saturday afternoon and didn't leave a message, planning to ring back the following week. I received a call  from the supplier after 6pm on the Saturday, even though I hadn't left my details. He was very helpful. I call that superb service.

Numerous manufacturers will tell you they make a waterproof boot. In my experience, even if you treat your boots every time you use them (and, for me, that's twice a day), they rarely are for very long. And, given the cost of proofing agents, you might as well not bother and throw the boots away when you feet get soggy. There are, so far as I know, only two genuinely waterproof options, one using neoprene and the Harris boot, which uses natural rubber. I've found the neoprene variety relatively short-lived, so I thought I'd try this one out. First off, it is, as you'd expect from the material used, perfectly waterproof. The seams appear to be very well sealed. The tongue is protected by a gusset on each side of the boot (and, once laced, they meet perfectly in the middle of the tongue - see photos) so there's no chance of water getting in there. The boots are very comfortable to walk in, being lined with a lightly padded material. They are slightly heavier than their neoprene cousins (about 150gm per boot) but I don't find that irritating at all. On the contrary, it gives them a reassuring solidity. The laces are threaded through rings at the bottom and quick-release hooks at the top, all of which are riveted (very firmly) to the body of the boot. That's a conventional design to prevent water ingress and, in this case, it's belt and braces, because they're mounted outside the tongue gussets anyway.

As to sizing issues, there is a useful table on the Dryboot Web site that relates nominal sizes to foot length. It is certainly accurate and if I'd taken it at face value, I'd have ordered a 7½, which is my usual shoe size. But I allowed a bit for heavy socks and for a little swelling when walking a distance and plumped for an 8. This turned out to be a good decision. I think I would have found the smaller boot a little restrictive.

I've only had the boots a week so I can't say anything about their longevity (I'll update this review in the light of experience). But my initial impression is of a very comfortable boot that has been thoughtfully designed and carefully manufactured. So far, I'm impressed.

R. Jones


We are constantly drawing attention to the value of a pair of Dryboots as part of the rambler walking kit.  We have been welcoming new members regularly too and they invariably ask about boots - it is ideal for me to refer them to the website where they can find your company!  It helps sales when nearly all of our 11 strong committee sport a pair!   I have to add that I think your boots are well priced too - not everyone wants to shell out hundreds of pounds straight away!

South Devon Ramblers


Hello....just wanted to write and thank you! At last a boot that my husband can wear. He is a diabetic and suffers from nerve damage in his feet. His feet and ankles tend to swell making it impossible for him to wear wellies. We tried retail outlets everywhere to find something suitable with no luck. Short boots with Velcro...Velcro wasn’t long enough! After doing some research on line I came across your site ‘Harris Dry Boots’.....looked promising, so decided to try them....hallelujah! A well made, waterproof boot that he can wear....thank you, would not hesitate to recommend.

J. Pottle


Just wanted to thank you for sending the brown boot laces by separate delivery. Very happy with the boots....

Great great product, great service.

D. Read


I would like to thank those people who have reviewed these boots. Without those reviews I might not have bought them and could have missed out on a great pair of boots. They are so comfortable and it is lovely to have dry feet. Service was very efficient and they arrived in no time at all.
J. Powell


I bought a pair of the Harris Dryboot for my husbands birthday, as he had seen them in The Kitchen Garden magazine. He is so pleased with them. He finds it a lot more comfortable digging his allotment, because of the metal strip inside the instep to protect your foot. So much better than ordinary wellies, a lot warmer and supportive.
W. King


After various operations I have led a pretty full though quite painful life. Working a hill farm, taking part in various sports but always in a fair bit of pain. I spent most my time in wellington boots as they were the most comfortable, I could never wear work boots for any length of time. But now thanks to your boots I can wear them all day in minimal pain. So to the point of this mail, many thanks and where have you been all my life.
Best wishes
T. Pollak


Thank you Malcolm. I thought I should let you know that the Dryboots arrived 6 days ago and have been in use every day since. The boots are well named!
B. Cruikshank


Apologies for getting back to you late today. My shoes arrived early this morning and I used them straight away. Been in the garden all day and thrilled with them.
Thanks once again for the great service.
L. Warren


Dryboots on parade in Northumberland on our Sunday walk! Would have been eight boots had our other member with them worn them too!
Seems you boots are popular in our group especially with all the wet weather we have had!
All the best, Ruth

Rambling Dryboots

R. Robards



Just like to say how good the boots are even after over 12 months, of walking up to 3miles a days in them, they are still in perfect and comfortable condition. I will certainly be purchasing another pair when needed.

A. Jarman



Comment from the Editor of the International Sheepdog News:

I’ve had the following feedback re Harris Dryboot Co.
"If any one asks you what those ‘Dryboots’  are like that are advertised in the mag, tell them they’re great. I bought mine  a couple of months back and have worn them every day. They’re comfy and they do everything they say.
Maybe you could pass that on to them, so they know they have sold some through their ads in the magazine! Thanks"

N. Wright



Hi , just noticed you still make the dry boot . I bought two pairs over 35 years ago - then "bridgdale dry boot”. I’m still wearing one pair and they don’t leak and no cracking . All the loops and hooks are still in place (not like cheap Karimor) . Excellent boots . The second pair I have never worn and they are brand new. I’m now in my 60s so i can’t see me getting round to wearing even the first pair out.

M. Cutler



Hi guys just to let you know my boots have arrived they are fantastic

S. Chapman



I can honestly say these boots were the best thing I ever bought! But... may I suggest you do a side line of insoles? In various thicknesses to accommodate different weather/socks? I just can't find the correct width (insole) but I recommend these to everyone.. no matter what the weather your feet stay dry AND you can puddle jump to clean them off when you get home!

E. Banks



Just to thank you for my boots which I reckon I’ve had for over six months. They came up large as you advised, which enabled me to insert good insoles to make them very comfy, and they are totally waterproof and hassle-free.

A brilliant product - thank you very much.

K. Allan



Review by Dartmoor News

P. Rendell



I would like to order a pair of Harris Boots size 6 please (or Viking if you have any left). Can you let me know when stocks arrive, happy to pay now! I bought some for my husband and they are wonderful!

H. Clifford



Love these boots and highly recommend your company.
Thanks again

J. Sanford



Dryboot review

Countryman's Weekly



Could you please let me know when the new stock arrives.  My old ones are worn at some point every day & have served me well...I may plant some herbs in them when they're retired after 10 years of loyal service. My new ones will be my 5th pair in my lifetime & I just love them.

D. Hanley