Hello....just wanted to write and thank you! At last a boot that my husband can wear. He is a diabetic and suffers from nerve damage in his feet. His feet and ankles tend to swell making it impossible for him to wear wellies. We tried retail outlets everywhere to find something suitable with no luck. Short boots with Velcro...Velcro wasn’t long enough! After doing some research on line I came across your site ‘Harris Dry Boots’.....looked promising, so decided to try them....hallelujah! A well made, waterproof boot that he can wear....thank you, would not hesitate to recommend.

J. Pottle


Just wanted to thank you for sending the brown boot laces by separate delivery. Very happy with the boots....

Great great product, great service.

D. Read


I would like to thank those people who have reviewed these boots. Without those reviews I might not have bought them and could have missed out on a great pair of boots. They are so comfortable and it is lovely to have dry feet. Service was very efficient and they arrived in no time at all.
J. Powell


I bought a pair of the Harris Dryboot for my husbands birthday, as he had seen them in The Kitchen Garden magazine. He is so pleased with them. He finds it a lot more comfortable digging his allotment, because of the metal strip inside the instep to protect your foot. So much better than ordinary wellies, a lot warmer and supportive.
W. King


After various operations I have led a pretty full though quite painful life. Working a hill farm, taking part in various sports but always in a fair bit of pain. I spent most my time in wellington boots as they were the most comfortable, I could never wear work boots for any length of time. But now thanks to your boots I can wear them all day in minimal pain. So to the point of this mail, many thanks and where have you been all my life.
Best wishes
T. Pollak


Thank you Malcolm. I thought I should let you know that the Dryboots arrived 6 days ago and have been in use every day since. The boots are well named!
B. Cruikshank


Apologies for getting back to you late today. My shoes arrived early this morning and I used them straight away. Been in the garden all day and thrilled with them.
Thanks once again for the great service.
L. Warren


Dryboots on parade in Northumberland on our Sunday walk! Would have been eight boots had our other member with them worn them too!
Seems you boots are popular in our group especially with all the wet weather we have had!
All the best, Ruth

Rambling Dryboots

R. Robards


Just like to say how good the boots are even after over 12 months, of walking up to 3miles a days in them, they are still in perfect and comfortable condition. I will certainly be purchasing another pair when needed.

A. Jarman


Comment from the Editor of the International Sheepdog News:

I’ve had the following feedback re Harris Dryboot Co.
"If any one asks you what those ‘Dryboots’  are like that are advertised in the mag, tell them they’re great. I bought mine  a couple of months back and have worn them every day. They’re comfy and they do everything they say.
Maybe you could pass that on to them, so they know they have sold some through their ads in the magazine! Thanks"

N. Wright


Hi , just noticed you still make the dry boot . I bought two pairs over 35 years ago - then "bridgdale dry boot”. I’m still wearing one pair and they don’t leak and no cracking . All the loops and hooks are still in place (not like cheap Karimor) . Excellent boots . The second pair I have never worn and they are brand new. I’m now in my 60s so i can’t see me getting round to wearing even the first pair out.

M. Cutler


Hi guys just to let you know my boots have arrived they are fantastic

S. Chapman


I can honestly say these boots were the best thing I ever bought! But... may I suggest you do a side line of insoles? In various thicknesses to accommodate different weather/socks? I just can't find the correct width (insole) but I recommend these to everyone.. no matter what the weather your feet stay dry AND you can puddle jump to clean them off when you get home!

E. Banks


Just to thank you for my boots which I reckon I’ve had for over six months. They came up large as you advised, which enabled me to insert good insoles to make them very comfy, and they are totally waterproof and hassle-free.

A brilliant product - thank you very much.

K. Allan


Review by Dartmoor News

P. Rendell


I would like to order a pair of Harris Boots size 6 please (or Viking if you have any left). Can you let me know when stocks arrive, happy to pay now! I bought some for my husband and they are wonderful!

H. Clifford


Love these boots and highly recommend your company.
Thanks again

J. Sanford


Dryboot review

Countryman's Weekly


Could you please let me know when the new stock arrives.  My old ones are worn at some point every day & have served me well...I may plant some herbs in them when they're retired after 10 years of loyal service. My new ones will be my 5th pair in my lifetime & I just love them.

D. Hanley