Dryboot FAQs

Which size should I order?

Whilst we cannot officially advise on individual sizing requirements, we suggest you order by your normal shoe size. The Dryboot is produced to allow for a thick sock, for colder weather - so no need to go up a size!
For equivalent continental sizes, and a guide on actual measurements please view our size guide

I don't have a Paypal account?

We use Paypal as our secure payment 'gateway'.   A Paypal account is not necessary - you can check out as a guest, using your credit or debit card as normal.

What is the difference between Viking and Harris Dryboots?

The Harris brand is a progression from the Viking which is no longer produced.   We took over the brand to prevent a massive price rise imposed by the distributors of the Viking Dryboot, and to keep it available in the UK.   We have changed the lining, logo and lace colours, and improved the design of the lacing panel.  Apart from this, the design, construction, materials used and production processes have not changed since the first pair were produced in 1953....a sure testament to it's success.

We have only Size 3(36) remaining in the Viking brand.

Are Dryboots heavy?

As with any sturdy rubber boot, Dryboots are heavier than a modern Goretex walking boot for instance but we generally find that once worn, the weight is not a problem and the guarantee of dry feet outweighs the issue of extra grams.

Are Dryboots made in China?

No, they are produced in Malaysia, home of the finest natural rubber.  They have been made by the same company for the past 65+ years.

Do you have any retail outlets?

Not at the moment, Dryboots are available only on our website or by calling our sales line at 07974 977112.   To help in making the decision please refer to our Sizing page, where you will find internal length measurements for all sizes.

Can I return my boots for exchange or refund?

In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with your boots, you can send them back to us for exchange or refund, providing the boots are returned in an unworn condition.  If you order an incorrect size, we will send out the correct size, free of carriage charge.

Dryboots are guaranteed for twelve months against manufacturing faults.   If a boot is found to be faulty we can accept them back for testing and replacement, if appropriate, only after they have been thoroughly cleaned.  This is for health and safety reasons.

PLEASE NOTE: We will pay for return carriage only if an item is found to have a manufacturing fault.  Refunds for unwanted perfect items do not include carriage charges.

All returns should be addressed to:

The Dryboot Company, Springherne Cottage, Bull's Hill, Ross On Wye HR9 5SD - please be sure to include a covering letter with full name, address, contact details and date of purchase.

How will you send my boots and how long will it take?

Dryboots are normally dispatched within 24 hours of order receipt, using a 24/48 hour  tracked carrier service.  Consignment details will be emailed direct from the carriers to enable tracking.

PLEASE NOTE:  During the current postal strikes we will be using alternative tracked carriers (not Royal Mail), at no extra charge, to ensure delivery by Christmas.

Will Dryboots make my feet sweat?

Dryboots are lined throughout with cushioned jersey cotton – this keeps the foot cool and dry, so unlike a conventional wellington boot, it will not cause sweating under normal circumstances.   However, it should be noted that some of us are more prone to sweating, particularly if synthetic socks are worn. This should be born in mind if a leak is suspected.   Faults due to leaking are extremely rare and we find that if boots are returned as faulty, the leak test is invariably negative (we simply weigh the boots down in approx. 3"- 4" of water and leave for 24 hrs).   Dryboots are produced individually, not in pairs, so the likelihood of a fault in both boots is statistically remote.   Despite this, we thoroughly investigate every report of any issue with the boots.

How should I look after my Dryboots?

As with any rubber footwear, we recommend cleaning after every use - Dryboots can be hosed off to remove mud and dirt, then left to dry.  The boots should not be stored in extremes of temperature - ie: frost-free and away from direct sunlight.  To care for the rubber upper, we recommend regular use of a silicone spray - this will keep the rubber supple and prevent it from drying and cracking over time.

Are the two brands the same colour?

It is difficult to reproduce exact colours on our website, but we can confirm that the Harris Dryboot is exactly the same shade as the Viking.

Do you supply on a wholesale basis?

Whilst we cannot provide trade terms at the moment, we do offer attractive discounts for bulk purchases. Please call our sales line for more information.

Are Dryboots suitable for vegans?

Yes, all raw materials used in the production process are derived from mineral and plant based materials.  We are happy to report that we have many vegan customers.

They are amazing!

"They are amazing, just what l had hoped for, l often walk 12 to 14 miles a day in them and no complaints, so l would like to say a very big thank you for what you have done. I am so thrilled to think these boots are so comfortable. I belong to the ramblers and have spread the word. Many thanks." - J. Hobbs

Many thanks...

"Many thanks for the boots - they're great!
So good, in fact, that I would like to order another pair for my friend - this time size 40."
- C. Kelly

I absolutely LOVE

"Hi. I have a pair of your boots which I absolutely love. I work in the Peak District and they are the best waterproof walking boots I've come across. Just wanted to say again, I absolutely love my boots! i use them A LOT. Cheers" - T. Spencer