1953 - 2023

Welcome to the home of the Dryboot

From Bridgedale, to Viking and now our own brand name - 'Harris'.  This 100% guaranteed waterproof boot remains one of the most successful and long-lived style in the history of waterproof footwear.  First produced in 1953, the material quality, design, styling, construction and production process has remained unchanged throughout its long lifetime - a testament to its success.

The Dryboot is well proven as one of the best waterproof boots, made for for situations that call for a short, lace-up waterproof boot, rather than a cumbersome knee length welly.    A deep, wide gusset provides easy access and removal.  The integral steel shank built into the sole gives superior strength for heavy digging or when walking over rough terrain.

We can now offer Dryboot 'Accessories' - Comfort Core insoles, brown hydrophobic laces, conditioning sprays and a range of thermal and soft top socks.  Please see our online store for more details.

Unisex Harris Waterproof Boots

The Harris Dryboot provides excellent protection against the toughest terrain and wettest conditions. A favourite for walking, fishing, gardening, farming, metal detecting, rambling, caving, potholing, field sports and all outdoor work or leisure activities. Comfortable, long lasting, washable, quick drying and very low maintenance.

Dryboots are suitable for vegans - no animal products are used in the production process.

They are amazing!

"They are amazing, just what l had hoped for, l often walk 12 to 14 miles a day in them and no complaints, so l would like to say a very big thank you for what you have done. I am so thrilled to think these boots are so comfortable. I belong to the ramblers and have spread the word. Many thanks." - J. Hobbs

Many thanks...

"Many thanks for the boots - they're great!
So good, in fact, that I would like to order another pair for my friend - this time size 40."
- C. Kelly

I absolutely LOVE

"Hi. I have a pair of your boots which I absolutely love. I work in the Peak District and they are the best waterproof walking boots I've come across. Just wanted to say again, I absolutely love my boots! i use them A LOT. Cheers" - T. Spencer

The 'Daddy' of boots

Still the absolute 'Daddy' of boots - I'm on my 3rd pair for metal detecting purposes and do an average of 10 years/5ooo miles on rough plough soil.  

Bloody Marvellous!!!

L. Denham