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Welcome to The Dryboot Company

Viking & Harris Waterproof DryBoots

We specialise in the supply of Viking and Harris Dryboots after 50 years, still the only 100% guaranteed waterproof lace-up boots available in the UK.  

Viking and Harris Dry Boots are  ideal for farming, gardening, field sports, walking, municipal and environmental work or anywhere that requires 100% waterproof boots combined with outstanding durability and superior comfort. 

The Dryboot is well proven as the best boot for situations that call for a short, lace-up waterproof boot, rather than wellies.

51.25 per pair

59.99 per pair


The Harris Dryboot is now available
in all sizes *
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*Sizes 6,7,8,9,10,10.5 and 11 only, until remaining Viking stocks (Sizes 3,4,5,6.5 and 12) have cleared.

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We are sole UK and European distributors


Introducing the new 'Harris waterproof' Dryboot. A new look but still the same 'old friend' to all outdoor enthusiasts.

Harris Dryboots Viking Dryboots

Mens & Womens Waterproof Boots from Harris & Viking

The Harris and Viking range of waterproof dryboot provides excellent protection against the toughest terrain and wettest conditions. A favourite for walking, fishing, gardening, hunting, and all outdoor work.   Comfortable, long lasting, washable and quick drying.

Harris Dryboots have become a boot of choice due to the 100% waterproof construction using only the highest grade natural rubber.   A well established boot, now with a new brand name, the Dryboot has served for over 50 years and has earned an excellent reputation along the way - hence the high consumer demand and success of this boot.



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